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independent film production company dedicated to producing compelling genre films through international co-productions. It also specializes in planning and producing contents across diverse media and formats, such as media art, advertising videos, opening sequences, and immersive content.

1. Maiden Home

Mystery, Horror, Thriller / In Development

Director&Screenwriter Kirin SINN 
and Producer TK CHENG, Co-Screenwriter Kevin RAHARDJO


         After ten years of marriage to an “imported” bride, a Korean man visits his wife’s homeland in Indonesia,
only to discover a new face of her and have his patriarchal power overthrown. 

Maiden Home was selected for Talent Tokyo and the NAFF market IT project at the Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival in 2023, and it won the VIPO Award. In 2024, it was selected for the Brussels Genre Film Market Fantastic Pitchbox at the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival.

BIFAN 2023

Film Director -Screenwriter

         SINN Kirin is a director, screenwriter, and visual arts planner based in Seoul. She holds a bachelor's degree in Multimedia/Animation from Korea National University of Arts and will be pursuing a Master's in filmmaking at Luca School of Arts in Belgium starting in September 2023.

With 10 years of experience in the advertising industry as a creative director and videographer, she has directed corporate campaign videos, brand films, TV commercials, and art exhibitions.

Since graduating from the Bifan Fantastic Film School in 2022, Kirin has been developing her first feature film, "Maiden Home," which has been selected for the Talent Tokyo and the NAFF IT Project Market 2023 and It won the VIPO award.